Posey Picks 1 Teaser

The Posey Picks games will be kinda like the comic strip version of a visual novel! Super short & sweet, and with choices mostly just for fun bunny times. ? ?

C h e e k s ?

does the pattern on her cheeks look more like flowers or freckles? or… both? (flockles?)

posey’s design is still evolving – lemme know what you think of this vs. a simpler “blush”

Posey Picks Title Screen

This is the title screen/music for a project called Posey Picks! (It’s not a game exactly though!)

This’ll be a series of very short pixelart cartoons in which you can make some choose-your-own-adventure style choices. Starring Posey the bunny! First episode in 1-2 months! ⬅️?➡️

First Posey Poll! Cat’s name…

posey has a cat! let’s pick his/her name. cast your vote!! ?✅☑️✅☑️

(This survey was posted on my social media outlets! Milky was the winner!)

milky is the winner!! thanks to everyone who voted on posey’s cat’s name ??


43 votes – milky

23 votes – nosey picks

19 votes – george

14 votes – salty